Why Dedicated Tick Control?


Ticks are a growing concern

Lyme disease is the most frequently reported vector-borne illness in the United States and is on the rise. In some areas of the United States, as many as 40-70% of blacklegged ticks are infected with the Borellia burgdorferi bacteria. While Lyme disease is endemic in the Northeast and Upper Midwest states, other tick borne diseases, including Babesia, Ehrlicheosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Anaplasmosis are also prevalent in these and other parts of the United States.

More ticks in more places

More ticks in more places, in your state, community, neighborhood and yes, your backyard. The reasons behind this increase are complex and involve multiple factors including:

  • Ecological changes, possibly including climate change
  • Shifts in land use patterns
  • An increasing in wildlife populations (especially deer and rodents), and a closer association between humans and wildlife
  • Changes in human behavior that have led to greater exposure risks
  • Improvements in disease diagnosis, surveillance, and reporting practices.

education & awareness: A world of difference

Mainely Ticks’ first responsibility is to educate, not exterminate.

We raise the level of education and awareness throughout entire communities, and when necessary, deploy a well-defined, properly timed, environmentally conscious and professionally administered area treatment protocol to better protect families from future tick encounters.

Mainely Ticks has an established Integrated Pest Management (IPM) treatment protocol and history! Since 2005, Mainely Ticks has distributed over 70,000 tick identification guides, bookmarks and brochures to residents of southern Maine while hosting scores of community based educational workshops and seminars. Remember, tick-borne diseases are preventable!