Our Mission

To protect people, pets, and properties from ticks and tick-borne illnesses with a personal, professional, and effective tick management program centered around education and awareness.

Our Vision

Tick Management through education and science. A world of difference.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe that prevention of tick-borne illnesses is the best prescription.
  • We believe that tick management is best achieved through a combination of education and science.
  • We believe that educational efforts on a local, regional, national, and global level need to be proportional to the growing threat of tick-borne illnesses.
  • We provide customers with educational strategies and resources to reduce the risk of future tick encounters.
  • Our science utilizes the least toxic EPA-approved chemistry, proven application techniques, and properly-timed treatments.
  • We view each customer as a friend with a personal story to tell.
  • We develop a relationship of trust, and together we craft a personalized protection strategy.
  • We honor our commitments.
  • We maintain integrity in all we do.
  • We exceed the expectations of our customers.