When it comes to tick-borne illnesses, a philosophy of increasing education & awareness is good.

A History is even better!

When it comes to tick-borne illnesses, a philosophy of increasing education and awareness is good. A history is even better. Over the past twelve years, Mainely Ticks has been a leader in promoting education and awareness of tick-borne illnesses to residents of Southern Maine and beyond. We've conducted numerous seminars and workshops through community based forums, adult education programs, home and flower shows, wellness and physician conferences, and through the distribution of over 62,000 free tick identification and removal guides, bookmarks, and educational brochures.
If you live in the Southern Maine area, contact Bob or Barb at to check on the availability of an educational seminar. Topics include assessing your risk, deer tick identification and removal, deer tick life cycle, landscape modifications, and personal protection strategies to avoid Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases.

Remember, when it comes to tick-borne illnesses, Prevention is the BEST Prescription!

November 5, 2018
Tom Mather ticks collected

Lyme Disease in Dogs

Lyme Disease in Dogs Deer ticks didn’t exit the Northeast over Labor day weekend Ticks and companion animals As the myriad collections of colorful leaves paint […]
July 5, 2018
things to do around maine

7 Things To Do In Southern Maine This Summer

Southern Maine offers locals and visitors an amazing experience year round, but summertime is when this part of Maine comes alive. With so much to see […]
June 4, 2018
You should always remove ticks with tweezers

4 Myths & Facts About Ticks

MYTH:  You can feel ticks when they attach. FACT:  The tick secretes a numbing agent and cements itself to the host when inserting its barbed mouthpart. […]
March 12, 2018
girl with large dog

It’s springtime – kids and pets are out, and so are the ticks!

March 11, 2018
Upcoming events calendar

2018 Upcoming Events

We are so excited to announce the new events coming up this year! So far we have a couple events lined up for your entertainment and […]
March 5, 2018
Tick eggs are brown, copper, or red in color.

What Do Tick Eggs Look Like? Use This Helpful Guide!

Deer tick usually lay 2,000 – 3,00 eggs at one time (in the northeast, this usually occurs in late May, with the eggs hatching in early […]
November 14, 2017
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