June 4, 2018
You should always remove ticks with tweezers

4 Myths & Facts About Ticks

MYTH:  You can feel ticks when they attach. FACT:  The tick secretes a numbing agent and cements itself to the host when inserting its barbed mouthpart. […]
March 12, 2018
girl with large dog

It’s springtime – kids and pets are out, and so are the ticks!

March 11, 2018
Mainely Ticks

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March 5, 2018
Tick eggs are brown, copper, or red in color.

What Do Tick Eggs Look Like? Use This Helpful Guide!

Deer tick usually lay 2,000 – 3,00 eggs at one time (in the northeast, this usually occurs in late May, with the eggs hatching in early […]