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Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)

International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS)

Tick Management Handbook. Teriffic Resource. 84 page ~PDF format. Click here

Tick Resource Websites

Project Lyme. Maine Based...check it out!

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Lyme Disease Home Page

Biology and Management of Ticks in New Hampshire

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

TickEncounter Resource Center. University of Rhode Island

Maine Medical Center Research Institute

Maine Bureau of Health Lyme Disease Resource Center

Lyme disease Associations

Lyme Disease Association

California Lyme Disease Association (CALDA)

Canadian Lyme Disease Association


Lyme disease Co-infections

Lyme disease in Animals IDEXX.

Lyme Disease in Dogs


Ticked off:  10 years living with Lyme disease TODAY  6/11/08 Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

Tale of the Tick: How Lyme Disease is Spreading Northward. Dave Mance, III Northern Woodlands Magazine, March 1, 2008.

Climb back from Lyme. Reprint from Maine Sunday Telegram