Your Family's Safety


You can significantly increase your level of protection against ticks and mosquitoes by pre-treating clothing with .5% permethrin spray. When applied to clothing, the permethrin binds to fabric, eliminating the risk of over exposure to the skin. Spray pump, aerosol, or soaking applications can last up to six weeks and through several washing cycles.

You can also purchase clothing pre-treated with permethrin. Insect Shield is an excellent source, and they can also treat your personal clothing. Just like other Insect Shield apparel, garment repellency is invisible, odorless, EPA registered, and lasts for 70 launderings.Click here to begin the the "Singles" option to begin the ordering process. Watch this short video on how well Insect Sheild works.

Apply a repellent of choice to exposed skin (note the availability of DEET free products as well). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) both recommend using DEET based repellents to help prevent mosquito and tick bites. The CDC states that DEET-based repellents are safe when used according to the directions and the AAP suggests that products containing up to 30 percent DEET can be used on children over the age of two months. For more information on the safe and proper application of DEET products, visit

Picaridin is an emerging repellent that warrents your attention...check out this recent article from Consumer Reports.